Estabished in 2003 Dream designs has created timless designs and great relationships with thier customers.


Delivering unique concepts is the pure essence behind Dream designs. We pride oursevles with keeping up with todays trends offering that unique service that meets your expectations.


Our dedicated team strive to impress, and our in house marketing team help deliver the most from your copmpany, creating that image to be proud of.


Design in my eyes…

Design in my eyes means delivering my understandings about the world to more people. Designers are the ones who can realize the other people’s (end users’) needs and desires. But design is not a “finding out” process, design is distinct from problem-based reaction, design is about imagination about what doesn’t yet exist in the world and adding new things to the current world.


Designers need to put their thinking, tastes, beliefs and values into the design, in which way to deliver their way to look at the “not-yet-exist” world to more people.

However, design is distinct from arts. Purposes of arts works are for self-expression but for design, thinking only from our own perspectives will bring bias, which is not the expected result. So the people who I design for will affect my understandings. All the inputs I obtain during the design process will help my understandings about the design problem space and the whole world to evolve.